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Black Order #1 (Marvel 2018) Philip Tan Cover Thanos

Written by Derek Landy. Art and Cover by Philip Tan. FROM THE INFINITY WAR INTO THEIR OWN LIMITED SERIES! They are the five dreadlords, the Cull Obsidian, Thanos' most feared...
$3.99 $1.99

Civil War II #3 (Marvel 2016) Marko Djurdjevic Cover Immortal Hulk

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by David Marquez. Cover by Marko Djurdjevic. This is the one everyone will be talking about! One of the biggest heroes in the Marvel...
$3.99 $3.75

Amazing Spider-Man #800 (2018 Marvel) Variant Cover Terry Dodson

Go Down Swinging: Part 4 of 4 - Written by Dan Slott. Art by Nick Bradshaw, Humberto Ramos, Guiseppe Camuconli, Stuart Immonen, Marcos Martin, Victor Olazaba, Cam Smith and Wade...
$9.99 $5.99

Venom #150 (Marvel 2017) Gerardo Sandoval Color Splash Variant

Color Splash Variant. Written by Mike Costa, Robbie Thompson and David Michelinie. Art by Gerardo Sandoval, Tradd Moore and Ron Lim. Cover by Gerardo Sandoval. REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO...

Project Superpowers #0 (Dynamite 2018) Francesco Mattina Cover

Written by Rob Williams. Art by Sergio Davila. Cover by Francesco Mattina. Superpowers #0: Project Superpowers is Back! Written by Rob (Suicide Squad) Williams, illustrated by Sergio (Swords of Sorrow,...

Amazing World Of Gumball #5 Cover A 1st Print (Boom 2014)

BOOM! STUDIOS(W) Frank Gibson, Patrick Wirbeleit (A) Tyson Hesse, Uwe Heidschotter (CA) Missy Pena, Jay P. FosgittGumball finally has the best plan, the greatest plan, really, the ONLY plan that...

X-Men Red #1 (Marvel 2018) Travis Charest Cover First Print

The Hate Machine: Part 1 - Written by Tom Taylor. Art by Mahmud A. Asrar. Cover by Travis Charest. - THE FIRST SENSATIONAL ARC OF AN ALL-NEW TEAM OF X-MEN...
$4.99 $1.49

Spawn #11 (Image 1993) Frank Miller Todd McFarlane

"Home!" Story by Frank Miller. Art by Todd McFarlane. Two factions of cyborgs are battling over turf. Their gang-war has spilled over into Spawn's alleys and he is not pleased....

Dceased #1 (DC 2019) Greg Capullo 2nd Printing Variant

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Trevor Hairsine & Various (CA) Greg Capullo"I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was Death, and Hades was following close behind...
$4.99 $4.49

Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1 (Marvel 2017) Lucio Parillo Domino Variant

(W) Greg Pak (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) SkanTHE WEAPON X PROGRAM IS BACK!For years, the Weapon X Program has engineered the deadliest mutant killers on planet Earth, until they...

God Country #1 (Image 2017) 4th Printing Variant Donny Cates

4th Printing. Written by Donny Cates. Art by Geoff Shaw and Jason Wordie. Cover by Geoff Shaw and Dave Stewart. SERIES PREMIERE Emmet Quinlan, an old widower rattled by dementia,...
$3.99 $3.19

Walking Dead #163 (Image 2017) Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard

Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano and Cliff Rathburn. Cover by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart. NEW STORY ARC! 'CONQUERED'-In the aftermath of The Whisperer War:...

Wake the F#ck Up #1 (Zenescope 2012)

(W) Bill Jemas (A/CA) Jean-Jacques DzialowskiWake the F#ck Up is the first comic from 1OK, a new imprint founded by former Marvel Publisher Bill Jemas, co-author of Ultimate Spider-Man and...
$2.99 $2.49

Civil War II #3 (Marvel 2016) Polybagged Immortal Hulk

Factory polybagged with black overlay; Hulk Sketch Wrap Cover Variant. Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by David Marquez. Cover by Joe Quesada. This is the one everyone will be...

Transformers Generation One Vol 1 #6 (Dreamwave 2002) Pat Lee Autobots Variant

by Sarracini, Lee, Garcia, Armstrong, & TheRealT Join Dreamwave for the dramatic conclusion to the comic book event of the year! Can Optimus Prime and the Autobots stop Megatron's evil...

Grant Morrisons 18 Days #13 Kang Cover (Graphic India 2016)

GRAPHIC INDIA PTE. LTD(W) Grant Morrison, Sarwat Chadda (A) Saumin Patel (CA) Jeevan KangDuryodhana unleashes hell on the battlefield in the form of Bhagadatta, commander of the super-elephants! Will even...
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