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Godkillers #1 Cover A Haun (Aftershock 2020) Jeremy Haun Cover

(W) Mark Sable (A) Maan House (CA) Jeremy HaunAbdul Alhazred is an Arab-American folklore professor-turned-soldier whose fear of death stems from uncertainty about the existence of an afterlife. Then he...
$4.99 $3.99

Crimes of Passion #1 Ryan Brown Trade Dress/Virgin Variant Set

Passion. Betrayal. Murder. When you're a private investigator- these are things you experience daily. But when you add capes to the mix-like Batman- Catwoman- and Harley Quinn? Things get even...

Canopus #1 (Scout 2020) Dave Chisholm

(W/A/CA) Dave ChisholmHelen wakes up marooned on a lifeless alien planet 300 light years from Earth with no memories beyond a hazy sense of extinction-level urgency to return to Earth....

Finger Guns #1 3 Variant Bundle (Vault 2020) Cover A Flip B C Hickman Wraparound

Bundle IncludesFlip Cover A by Arjuna SusiniCover B by Tim DanielWraparound Variant Cover by Jen Hickman(W) Justin Richards (A) Val HalvorsonTwo troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns....

Flash #123 Facsimile Edition (DC 2020)

(W) Gardner Fox (A) Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella (CA) Carmine Infantino, Murphy AndersonThe classic tale from 1961 that introduced the concept of the Multiverse to the pages of DC Comics...
$3.99 $3.19

Atlantis Attacks #2 (Of 5) (Marvel 2020) Mico Suayan Cover

(W) Greg Pak (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Mico SuayanTHE EARTH WILL SHAKE AND THE WATERS WILL BOIL!•  NAMOR versus BRAWN! A team torn asunder! SWORD MASTER and SHANG-CHI undercover!•  Wave...
$3.99 $3.19

Wolverine #1 Kubert Premiere Variant DX (Marvel 2020)

(W) Ben Percy (A) Adam Kubert, Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Adam KubertTHE BEST IS BACK!Wolverine been through a lot. He's been a loner. He's been a killer. He's been a hero....

Wolverine #1 6 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Ross Kidd Die Cut Lee Party Young

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by Adam KubertVariant Cover by Alex RossParty Variant Cover by RahzzahVariant Cover by Skottie YoungDie Cut Variant Cover by Chip KiddVariant Cover by Jeehyung Lee(W) Ben Percy (A) Adam Kubert, Viktor...
$47.94 $37.99

Deadpool #3 Yardin Marvels X Variant (Marvel 2020)

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Chris Bachalo (CA) David YardinKRAVEN COMES FOR THE KING, AND HE NEVER MISSES!•  After hunting the monsters of Staten Island, Kraven realizes the most dangerous game...
$3.99 $3.19

Venom #21 2nd Printing Crain Variant (Marvel 2020)

(W) Donny Cates (A) Mark Bagley (CA) Clayton CrainVENOM ISLAND BEGINS HERE! 'Nuff said!Rated T+
$3.99 $3.19

GI Joe A Real American Hero #270 2 Variant Bundle Cover A Atkins B Sullivan

Bundle Includes:Regular Cover by Robert AtkinsVariant Cover by Jamie Sullivan(W) Larry Hama (A) Netho Diaz"Snake Hunt," Part 5! Cobra Commander wants a Snake Eyes of his own. The Joes have other ideas....
$7.98 $6.39

Avengers #31 J Scott Campbell Gwen Stacy Variant (2/26/2020)

THE TEMPTATION OF ANTHONY STARK! Special Oversized Issue! Trapped in an icy cave at the dawn of time- Tony Stark has lost most of his armor and a good chunk...
$4.99 $3.99

Nebula #1 (Of 5) Young Variant (02/12/2020)

Nebula has grown under the shadows of Thanos and Gamora- but no longer! With her eyes set on a top-secret device- Nebula has big plans for her future-and she's not...
$3.99 $3.19

Wolverine Claremont & Buscema #1 Facsimile Edition (02/26/2020)

The debut issue of Wolverine's first-ever- long-running ongoing series! Chris Claremont teams with comic book giant John Buscema to send Logan on a sword quest - fighting pirates in Indonesia!...
$3.99 $3.19

Wonder Woman #86 Jenny Frison Variant (02/26/2020)

The Event Leviathan fallout continues! While Wonder Woman battled Cheetah on Themyscira and stood with the Justice League against the Legion of Doom- Leviathan struck! Without Diana's help- Etta Candy...
$3.99 $3.19

X-Men #6 Tan Marvels X Variant DX (Marvel 2020)

Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants… X-MEN #6 MARVELS X VAR DXMARVEL COMICS(W) Hickman, Jonathan (A) Buffagni, MatteoStockID: 133474 Diamond#: NOV190813
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