A graphic novel is a book made up of comics content. Although the word "novel" normally refers to long fictional works, the term "graphic novel" is applied broadly and includes fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work. It is, at least in the United States, distinguished from the term "comic book", which is generally used for comics periodicals.

Fan historian Richard Kyle coined the term "graphic novel" in an essay in the November 1964 issue of the comics fanzine Capa-Alpha. The term gained popularity in the comics community after the publication of Will Eisner's A Contract with God (1978) and the start of Marvel's Graphic Novel line (1982) and became familiar to the public in the late 1980s after the commercial successes of the first volume of Art Spiegelman's Maus in 1986, the collected editions of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 and Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen in 1987. The Book Industry Study Group began using "graphic novel" as a category in book stores in 2001.
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Meet the Skrulls TP Trade Paperback

Who do you trust? The Warners are your typical family. Dad works at Stark Enterprises. Mom works in a senator's office. The girls are students at Stamford High School. The...
$15.99 $11.99

Decades Marvel 70s TP Legion of Monsters Trade Paperback

Celebrate 80 years of Marvel Comics, decade by decade - together with the groovy ghoulies of the Supernatural Seventies! It was an era of black-and-white magazines filled with macabre monsters,...
$24.99 $19.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Dark Shaman TP Vol 01 Trade Paperback

Sela Mathers visits a campus as a guest speaker but little does she know that the campus is built upon a desecrated burial ground. Meanwhile a young Native American woman...
$15.99 $13.59

Savage Dragon Legacy TP Trade Paperback

Malcolm Dragon fulfills his destiny, and follows in his father's footsteps, joining the Chicago Police Force. Officer Malcolm Dragon's first adventures as he faces off against a host of new...
$19.99 $14.99

Something Is Killing Children Dlx Ed HC Book 01 (10/20/2021)

Children in a sleepy Wisconsin town begin to go missing with most never returning, and those that do have disturbing stories of horrific creatures that live in the shadows.There is...
$49.99 $39.99

Star Wars High Republic TP Vol 01 There Is No Fear Trade Paperback (08/25/2021)

A new era of Star Wars storytelling begins! Journey back to the High Republic - the golden age of the Jedi! Centuries before the Empire and the Skywalker saga, the...
$15.99 $14.99

Mighty MMW X-Men Strangest Super Heroes GN TP Vol 01 DM Variant

The stories that built the Marvel Universe, from the brilliant minds of legendary creators - now available in an accessible new format the whole family can enjoy! See the X-Men...
$15.99 $13.99

RADIANT BLACK TP VOL 01 Trade Paperback (08/18/2021)

THE MOST ACCLAIMED NEW SERIES OF 2021! Visionary writer KYLE HIGGINS (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ultraman) and artist MARCELO COSTA reinvent super heroes for a new generation! Nathan Burnett has...
$9.99 $8.99

BRZRKR (Berzerker) TP Vol 01 Trade Paperback (09/29/2021)

A WAR WITH NO END, A MAN WITH NO LIMITS. The man known only as B. is half-mortal and half-God, cursed and compelled to violence...even at the sacrifice of his...
$16.99 $13.59

Nocterra TP Vol 01 Full Throttle Dark (MR) (10/13/2021)

It's been 10 years since Val Riggs saw the sun swallowed up by darkness. Ten years since nearly everyone she knew was infected and changed into hideous shades. Now a...
$9.99 $8.49

Wayward Sons TP Vol 04 Trade Paperback

In the aftermath of the ancient Egyptina War, the Ulympeans must face a scattered enemy, new threats, the unexpected return of an old ally, and the loss of another. This...
$19.95 $14.99

Wayward Sons TP Vol 02 Trade Paperback

Outnumbered nearly 200-to-1, the Ulympians must devise a method of evening up the odds for the coming confrontation that will change the course of human history - forever! Collects issues...
$19.95 $14.99

Wayward Sons TP Vol 01 Trade Paperback

The Pantheans have just prevailed in a bloody civil war. Things go quickly awry while attempting to imprison the traitorous Kronos and a multitude of monstrous intergalactic criminals. What happens...
$19.95 $14.99

Claim TP Vol 01 Song of Ire and Vice Trade Paperback (08/25/2021)

Kind Ded is dead, hairless and heirless. Now the kingdom of Unstablovakia's only hope is two incompetent mercenary "heroes." Rob, a delusional goblin, and Dop, his silent doppelganger sidekick, hope...
$14.99 $13.49

Go West Special Edition TP Trade Paperback (MR)

All Arthur Slade wants in this world is to be left alone. To live a peaceful life with his family in the country. But peace is an impossible dream when...
$14.99 $13.49

20 Fists TP Trade Paperback (08/25/2021)

This is a comic about fist fights and bad romance. The No Names are new to the 20 Fists Fight League. As they begin to make a name for themselves...
$9.99 $8.99
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