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Immortal Hulk #30 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Alex Ross Del Mundo Marvels X

Bundle Includes:Regular Cover by Alex RossMarvels X Variant by Michael Del Mundo(W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett• The first Gamma Bomb unleashed a terrifying creature with impossible strength who waged war...
$7.98 $5.99

Protector #1 (Image 2020) James Stokoe Cover

(W) Simon Roy, Daniel M. Bensen (A) Artyom Trakhanov & Various (CA) James StokoeSERIES PREMIERE! From SIMON ROY (Prophet), Sideways Award-winning author DANIEL M. BENSEN (Junction), ARTYOM TRAKHANOV (UNDERTOW), JASON...
$3.99 $3.19

Suicide Squad #2 (DC 2020) Ryan Benjamin Card Stock Variant

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Bruno Redondo (CA) Ryan BenjaminAfter the absolute carnage of Suicide Squad #1, a new Task Force X has been assembled-even before the bodies of teammates and...
$4.99 $4.24

Detective Comics #359 Facsimile Edition (DC 2020)

(W) Gardner Fox, John Broome (A) Carmine Infantino & Various (CA) Carmine Infantino, Murphy AndersonBatgirl makes her first appearance in this 1967 origin story, reprinted in a new facsimile edition!...
$3.99 $3.19

Incredible Hulk #180 Facsimile Edition (Marvel 2020)

(W) Len Wein (A/CA) Herb TrimpeFIRST APPEARANCE OF WOLVERINE!You loved the INCREDIBLE HULK #181 FACSIMILE EDITION, celebrating the collector's-item first clash between the Green Goliath and Wolverine. Now pick up...
$3.99 $3.19

Killadelphia #3 2 Variant Bundle (Image 2020) Cover A Alexander B Scalera

Bundle Includes:Cover A by Jason Shawn AlexanderCover B by Matteo Scalera(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Jason Shawn Alexander"SINS OF THE FATHER," Part ThreeFounding father John Adams has stepped out of the shadows to...
$7.98 $5.99

Action Comics #1019 (DC 2020) Lucio Parillo Card Stock Variant

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) John Romita, Klaus Janson (CA) Lucio ParilloOne of the biggest battles in Superman history tears through Metropolis as the super-villain team-up of Lex Luthor, the...
$4.99 $4.25

Jessica Jones Blind Spot #2 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Simmonds Giangiordano

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by Valerio GiangiordanoVariant Cover by Martin Simmonds(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Mattia De IulisAfter being brutally attacked in her office, Jessica turns to Doctor Strange to help her find...
$7.98 $5.99

Ravencroft #1 (Of 5) (Marvel 2020) Kyle Hotz Cover

(W) Frank Tieri (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Kyle HotzRAVENCROFT REOPENED!After the hellish horrors of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, the Ravencroft Institute has received a much-needed facelift and is open for business with...
$3.99 $3.19

Ravencroft #1 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Jacinto Hotz

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by Kyle HotzVariant Cover by Kim Jacinto(W) Frank Tieri (A) Angel UnzuetaRAVENCROFT REOPENED!After the hellish horrors of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, the Ravencroft Institute has received a much-needed facelift and...
$7.98 $5.99

Deadpool The End #1 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Espin Rahzzah

Bundle Includes:Regular Cover by RahzzahVariant Cover by Salva Espin(W) Joe Kelly (A) Mike Hawthorne THE FINAL DEADPOOL STORY!Wade Wilson may seem like he is unkillable, but there is more than one way...
$9.98 $7.99

Captain Marvel The End #1 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Rahzzah Momoko

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by RahzzahVariant Cover by Peach Momoko(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Carmen Nunez CarneroTHE FINAL CAPTAIN MARVEL STORY!Fifty years ago, Carol Danvers went into the deepest reaches of the cosmos to...
$9.98 $7.99

Doctor Strange The End #1 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Rahzzah Andrade

Bundle Includes:Regular Cover by RahzzahVariant Cover by Filipe Andrade(W) Leah Williams (A) Filipe Andrade (CA) RahzzahTHE FINAL DOCTOR STRANGE STORY!The Sorcerer Supreme makes his final journey through a cyberpunk sprawl that forgot...
$9.98 $7.99

New Mutants #6 DX 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Granov Dark Phoenix 40th

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by Rod ReisDark Phoenix 40th Variant Cover by Adi Granov(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) FlavianoA simple visit to check in on old friends in the human world has gone...

X-Force #6 DX 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Weaver Sandoval Dark Phoenix 40th

Bundle Includes:Regular Cover by Dustin WeaverDark Phoenix 40th Variant Cover by Gerardo Sandoval(W) Ben Percy (A) Joshua CassaraDEADLY CHOICES CARRY DARK CONSEQUENCES!First, Domino and Forge have to pick up the pieces as...

Fallen Angels #6 DX 2 Variant Bundle (Marvel 2020) Witter Yoon Dark Phoenix 40th

Bundle IncludesRegular Cover by Ashley WitterDark Phoenix 40th Variant Cover by Jung-Geun Yoon(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Szymon KudranskiHARK! MORE ANGELS FALL!Husk and Bling! Join Psylocke and company on their mission...
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