Knull is coming. The God of Symbiotes will make his long-dreaded arrival this December in King in Black, the monumental event that delivers on everything Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have built up in their groundbreaking run on Venom. To celebrate this epic storyline, readers can see Knullified versions of their favorite Marvel heroes on twisted variant covers coming in December.

These chaotic versions of heroes like Captain America, Thor, and Storm reveal just what happens when Knull’s overwhelming darkness overcomes the Marvel Universe as we know it. You can see some of these glorious covers now featuring an all-star lineup of amazing artists including Skan, Ken Lashley, Taurin Clark, Iban Coello, and more! Be on the lookout for more Knullified variant covers coming your way and brace yourself for Knull’s impact this December in King in Black!
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Venom #31 Herrera Knullified Variant Kib (12/09/2020)

KING IN BLACK ARRIVES! • What happens to Eddie Brock when he finally comes face to face with the lord of the abyss- the KING IN BLACK: KNULL? Rated T+...
$3.99 $2.79

Shang-Chi #4 (Of 5) Randolph Knullified Variant (12/30/2020)

Shang-Chi is at death's door! • The Deadly Warrior is dying from a mortal wound- and it looks like there's only one person who can save him… •…his father? But...
$3.99 $2.79

Immortal Hulk #42 Lozano Knullified Variant (12/30/2020)

• At the year's end- costs are counted - by Jackie McGee- Eugene Judd...and Samuel Sterns. • All the Leader's plans have finally come together in what may be his...
$3.99 $2.79

Black Widow #4 Skan Knullified Variant (12/02/2020)

WHAT LIES BENEATH? The plan to take the Black Widow off the table unravels as the Black Widow inside Natasha continues to wake. But Natasha has more to lose now...
$3.99 $2.79

Spider-Woman #7 Sway Knullified Variant Kib (12/23/2020)

• Abandoned by her friends- there's only one person who comes to Jess' aid…Octavia Vermis! • She's got a cure for Jessica- and the prescription is: Crime! • Under the...
$3.99 $2.79

Daredevil #25 Opena Knullified Variant (12/02/2020)

'DOING TIME' Starts Here! After a landmark year that put Daredevil through the wringer- this December- CHIP ZDARSKY and MARCO CHECCHETTO are dropping the Man Without Fear into familiar territory:...
$3.99 $2.79

Captain Marvel #24 Moore Knullified Variant (12/09/2020)

FRIENDS OR FODDER? Captain Marvel finds new allies in this strange new world - but is she sending them to their deaths? As the secrets behind Ove and his stronghold...
$3.99 $2.79

Captain America #26 Tedesco Knullified Variant (12/16/2020)

RED HULK! Rated T+ CAPTAIN AMERICA #26 TEDESCO KNULLIFIED VARMARVEL COMICS(W) Coates, Ta-Nehisi (A) Kirk, Leonard (C) Larroca, SalvadorStockID: 162020 Diamond#: OCT200642
$3.99 $2.79

Fantastic Four #27 Ferreyra Knullified Variant Emp (12/16/2020)

Everything is about to come to an end here on Yancy Street. Literally everything. Say goodbye to the Earth- our galaxy and life as we know it- because this entire...
$3.99 $2.79

Iron Man #4 Rapoza Knullified Variant (12/16/2020)

KORVAC is on the loose and Tony Stark is on the hook for it. Iron Man and Hellcat were lucky to survive their first encounter with Korvac and his new...
$3.99 $2.79

Avengers #39 Tocchini Knullified Variant (12/09/2020)

ENTER THE PHOENIX PROLOGUE! In the harsh- primordial world of One Million B.C.E.- early humans who are different are left in the Burnt Place to die. But one young girl...
$3.99 $2.79

Ghost Rider Annual #1 Hotz Knullified Variant (12/30/2020)

THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR - THE RETURN OF VENGEANCE! MICHAEL BADILINO was a bad dude in life…and that landed him in Hell. But not just any old rung...
$4.99 $3.49

Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 Brown Knullified Variant (12/09/2020)

• Everyone thought he was dead. They were wrong. Now Peter Quill journeys through a mythic world on the other side of our reality. • But is he still Peter...
$3.99 $2.79

Thor #10 Lashley Knullified Variant (12/02/2020)

THE DARK PRISON OF DONALD BLAKE! For years Doctor Donald Blake has wandered a land far from Midgard- the place he once thought home. Now he has returned to the...
$3.99 $2.79

Miles Morales Spider-Man #21 Inhyuk Lee Knullified Variant (12/02/2020)

• The climactic conclusion of THE ULTIMATUM SAGA! • Ultimatum's master plan is in motion and it's way bigger than you expect. Nearly everyone in Miles' orbit and beyond is...
$3.99 $2.79

Amazing Spider-Man #54 Siquera Knullified Variant LR (12/09/2020)

LAST REMAINS CONTINUES! • The punishment of Spider-Man at the hands of Kindred continues. • But Kindred isn't just punishing Spider-Man anymore... Rated T AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #54 SIQUERA KNULLIFIED VAR...
$3.99 $2.79
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