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Chuck D Presents Apocalypse 91 #0 LCSD 2021 Variant (MR) (1/12/2022)

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the landmark album Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Black with this commemorative sequel graphic anthology! Revolution Never Sleeps begins on the familiar backdrop of 1991...
$19.99 $14.99

Walking Dead Dlx #27 LCSD 2021 Adlard Foil Variant (MR) (11/17/2021)

Welcome to Woodbury- home to THE WALKING DEAD's most heinous villain… The Governor. WALKING DEAD DLX #27 CVR D ADLARD (MR)IMAGE COMICS(W) Kirkman, Robert (A) Adlard, Charlie (C) Adlard, CharlieStockID:...

Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #1 (Of 6) LCSD 2021 Variant (MR) (11/24/2021)

Superstar artist and comics-makin' weirdo JIM MAHFOOD returns to his creator-owned GRRL SCOUTS universe for a brand-new six-issue miniseries! Join DIO- TURTLENECK JONES- and GORDI as they face off against...
$3.99 $3.39

Friday #1 LCSD 2021 Variant (11/24/2021)

This LCSD release presents the first issue of the genre-defying, post-YA masterpiece from award-winning creators ED BRUBAKER (RECKLESS, FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, PULP, KILL OR BE KILLED) and MARCOS MARTIN...
$3.99 $3.39

Task Force Z #2 LCSD Silver Foil Card Stock Variant (11/30/2021)

After Task Force Z’s first bloodbath—err- sorry- first mission—goes awry- Red Hood must rethink how to lead a team of unstable monsters against some of the most organized ranks of...
$14.99 $9.99

Detective Comics #1045 LCSD Silver Foil Card Stock Variant (Fear State) (11/23/2021)

Batman and Mayor Nakano have freed themselves from the Vile parasite-infected sewers of Gotham City…only to find the nightmare has risen higher than they had imagined! With the city streets...
$14.99 $5.99

Venom #2 LCSD 2021 Jonboy Meyers Variant (12/01/2021)

• The tour de force of comics awesomeness brought to you by the dynamite new creative team on VENOM continues! VENOM #1 shocked- intrigued and terrified you! • With Ram...
$3.99 $3.89

Regarding Matter Of Oswalds Body #1 (Of 5) LCSD 2021 Virgin Variant (11/24/2021)

Where is Lee Harvey Oswald's body? The Kennedy assassination is a rat's nest of conspiracy theories: mafia involvement- the second gunman- government cover-up… but the most important chapter of this...
$3.99 $3.39

Magic Master Of Metal #1 LCSD 2021 Variant (11/24/2021)

When the fate of the Multiverse is at stake- what game will the scheming Master of Metal play? Tezzeret of Esper- the cruel artificer now free from his former master...
$8.99 $7.64

Lumberjanes #75 LCSD 2020 Foil Variant (11/25/2020)

* END OF SUMMER Part Three! * Co-Creator & original series artist Brooklyn Allen returns! * With the campgrounds and cabins of Miss Qiunzella's camp full to bursting with scared...

Power Rangers #1 LCSD 2020 Foil Variant (11/25/2020)

* Two New Series- Two New Teams - The UNLIMITED POWER Era Begins HERE - And Only Lord Drakkon- Their Greatest Enemy- Can Save Them! * Superstar writer Ryan Parrott...

Mighty Morphin #1 LCSD 2020 Foil Variant (11/04/2020)

* Two New Series- Two New Teams - The UNLIMITED POWER Era Begins HERE- but who is the NEW Green Ranger and are they friend... or foe? * Superstar writer...
$5.99 $4.99

Monstress Talk-Stories #1 (of 2) Gold Foil LCSD Variant (11/25/2020)

Bridging the gap between the fifth and sixth arc (which resumes in January 2021), MONSTRESS returns with TALK-STORIES, a two-part limited series that invites you to eat dumplings beside the...
$4.99 $3.99

X Of Swords Destruction #1 Henrichon LCSD Variant (11/25/2020)

The wheel of fortune turns. The unfortunate fall. A sword against the darkness. Rated T+ X OF SWORDS DESTRUCTION #1MARVEL COMICS(W) Hickman, Jonathan (A) Larraz, PepeDiamond#: SEP208360
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