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Bundle Includes Spawn Issues:

1 - Direct Edition

2 - Newsstand Edition

3 - Newsstand Edition

4 - Direct Edition

5 - Direct Edition

6 - Direct Edition

7 - Direct Edition

8 - Direct Edition

9 - Direct Edition

10 - Direct Edition

Issue #1

"Questions!" Part 1 of 4. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. When government assassin Al Simmons is murdered, a deal with the devil brings him back to the realm of the living. But now he walks the shadows as the disfigured soldier of hell known as Spawn. Armed with unimaginable, but finite, magical abilities, Spawn is destined to play an important role in the upcoming Armageddon. But, what happens when this rebellious anti-hero decides he won't fight for either side?

Issue #2

"Questions!" Part 2 of 4. 1st appearance of the Violator. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane (1 page Rick Leonardi art). Meet the Violator, a diminutive little clown who hides a dangerous and deadly secret. Meanwhile, a sinister creature is committing horrible acts of violence on the criminal underworld of New York City, and Spawn will take the blame for it.

Issue #3

"Questions!" Part 3 of 4. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. Spawn finally confronts his wife, five years after his death. Plus, can this newly born Spawn survive a battle with a true denizen from the Underworld? It's Spawn vs. the Violator in a battle neither of them may walk away from completely intact.

Issue #4

"Questions!" Part 4 of 4. Featuring a humorous cameo by the Savage Dragon. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane (1-page Dave Sim art; 1-page Whilce Portacio art). Featuring the terrifying conclusion to the first arc, "Question," Spawn proves to be harder to kill then his demonic adversary at first thought. Things take a turn for the worse when the devil Al Simmons made a deal with decides it time to intervene.

Issue #5

"Justice!" 1st appearance of Sam and Twitch. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. Billy Kincaid is convicted child killer. When he is released back into society, how long before he reverts to his sick twisted ways? This time though, it is not a failed justice system that Kincaid will have to face. He'll have to face the justice of Spawn!

Issue #6

"Payback!" Part 1 of 2. 1st appearance of Overtkill. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. Mafioso boss, Tony Twist, blames the new shadowy hero, Spawn, for the resent attacks on his men. Twist wants Spawn dead. Twist is a man who is used to getting what he wants. Enter: Overtkill, a cyborg killing machine who never fails. 

Issue #7

"Payback!" Part 2 of 2. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane. After barely surviving his encounter with the cybernetic juggernaut known as Overtkill, Spawn decides it's time to break out the heavy artillery. Using his special forces training and an arsenal of state of the art weaponry, Spawn proceeds to dismantle one of the most dangerous villains in the Image Universe. Thus cementing his role as a force to be reckoned with in the IU.

Issue #8

"In Heaven!" Story by Alan Moore. Art by Todd McFarlane. Includes a B&W poster of Spawn by Frank Miller. Child murderer, Billy Kincaid, awakens in a strange dark place and he is not alone. One by one, the members of his group are taken, destroyed, or devoured by the macabre denizens of this foreboding place. One by one, until only Kincaid and small child remain. When this sick man cannot deny his base instincts, he soon learns that there are fates worse than death when one is sent to Hell! 

Issue #9

"Angela!" 1st appearance of Angela, Cagliostro, and Medieval Spawn. Story by Neil Gaiman. Art by Todd McFarlane. Spawn is attacked by Angela, a warrior of Heaven who has been hunting Hellspawns for centuries.

Issue #10

"Crossing Over!" Guest-starring Cerebus. Story by Dave Sim. Art by Todd McFarlane. Cerebus the Aardvark takes Spawn on a surreal journey and exploration about the politics of the comic industry and the rights of creators.

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